Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital for Sick Children

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children was founded by two Quaker Sisters in 1866 after a devastating cholera epidemic took the lives of hundreds of children living in the east end of London.

In 1967 work began on the Hackney site and over the years the hospital was expanded, some older areas were modernised and others parts re-built.

The hospital was destined to be one of three Queen Elizabeth facilities constructed specifically for the care of children; the other two were based in Shadwell and in Banstead Woods.

For many years now the site has been abandoned and decay is slowly creeping into the building’s clammy foundations.

A vertical row of Adolescent sized body racks can be found in the basement level of the hospital and serve as a despairing reminder of so many young corpses that must have passed through these walls, their only destination would have been the long gone mortuary slab.

With age comes dignity for a building like this and the hospital’s obsolete corridors and brightly coloured children wards still occasionally serve as filming locations for television crews.

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